All of the pipes are traditional designs, sourced from Peru, that have been used for centuries. They are beautiful to behold as the workmanship is exquisate. These are extremely hard to find items and we are very fortunate to have established such a great relationship with the Artisans in Peru. These are only available in limited quantities as all are handmade, and the pipe you recieve may differ slightly from the photo due to this.

Pipes are sold for decorative purposes only, although all are fully functional.


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Tagua Seed Pipe
Tagua Seed Pipe A precolumbian design that has been widely used in South America for centuries. T..
$ 20.00 AUD
Stingray Pipe
The Stingray & Seed Pod Pipe Made from a Stingray gill, with Alpaca Silver accents and a seed..
$ 30.00 AUD
Conchito Jungle Pipe
A conchito is a tiny pineapple which is the bowl on this pipe. Wrapped in snakeskin, with a snake ve..
$ 50.00 AUD
Jungle Pipe
The Jungle Pipe This pipe is very unique, with a seed pod for a bowl, stingray gill bone for a mo..
$ 50.00 AUD
Snakeskin Pipe
Tagua Seed and Snakeskin Pipe Tagua seed pod for a bowl, stingray gill bone for a mouthpiece, and..
$ 50.00 AUD
Large Stingray Pipe
The body of this pipe is made of stingray gill decorated with beads and Alpaca Silver. The bowl is o..
$ 65.00 AUD
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